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ΠΜΣ Συμβουλευτική, Επαγγελματικός Προσανατολισμός και Διά Βίου Μάθηση


# Special Issue:”Counceling, Career Guidance and Lifelong Learning”


Biannual journal / Issue 30 - 2024 Special Issue: "Counceling, Career Guidance and Lifelong Learning"

                                                        Guest editors Katerina Argyropoulou & Antonia Samara


- Self-efficacy and vocational decision making of high school students within child protection institutions and high school students of the general population. A comparative study

Sagri Alexandra-Maria, Gena Aggeliki, Anastasios Asvestas

Perceptions of refugees/immigrants on the effectiveness of the services they received in the framework of Counselling and Vocational Guidance”

Aggeliki Economou, Fotini Kalogerogianni, Christos Parthenis

Burnout and job satisfaction: a quantitative survey of workers providing services to refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in Greece.

Konstantina Psallida, Fotini Kalogerogianni, Christos Parthenis

- Institute of Vocational Training (IVT) graduates’ expectations about the labour market conditions. The contribution of career counselling to the construction of realistic professional goals.

Kyriaki Koukouza, Antonia Samara, Katerina Argyropoulou

The contribution of self-efficacy and training of career counsellors to the effective address of obstacles during their professional course

Maria-Georgia Koumentaki, Anastasios Asvestas

Do we provide Ethical Career Counselling? Integrating ethics into an organised quality assurance system in the counselling structures of our country

Konstantinos Triantafyllopoulos, Dimitris Gaitanis